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Solutions provides a wide spectrum of network installation services for offices of 2-250 employees. We are Cisco, Datto, IBM, WatchGuard, Lenovo, Webroot and Microsoft partners and are able to assist you with a number of networking installations.


When companies need proven network security solutions they turn to Solutions. We provide excellent reliability, service, support, and innovation for our customers, with a wide range of products to suit your specific business requirements.


Monitored Services is designed to keep your personal computers and servers running efficiently by executing daily performance and monitoring activities. This service is automated from our office and will proactively diffuse potential problems by notifying our technical staff before those problems have a chance to adversely affect your network.

Managed Services

Monitoring Services

Datto RMM monitors all network-based devices using industry best-practice monitoring policies, as supplied directly from Datto or from custom rules designed by “Solutions”. Strong and reliable remote monitoring through Datto RMM allows us to be proactive and eliminate problems before they occur.

Datto RMM Agent

A lightweight, non-intrusive software application that is installed on computers and servers that checks in with the dashboard. The use of an agent allows for update management and software patch management and quickly alerts of any issues on the device, whether the device is on your network or offsite.

Datto RMM Dashboard

A powerful, cloud-based, centralized site allows you to view asset health, performance information, and current alerts, as gathered by the agents and network nodes.

Datto Network Nodes

Servers and workstations that retrieve information and monitor devices that can’t have an agent installed. With remote monitoring via network nodes, we are notified of any pending issues on all manner of devices, including switches, firewalls, printers, and anything else on the network.

Onsite Manager

A small, Solutions-owned computer that functions as a network node, a software repository, and a remote access point that allows us to assess your network.

Continuous Monitoring

1. Network and device availability

2. Alerts and pre‐failure indicators

3. Real‐time alerting and monthly reports (if included)

Virtual CIO

Let us serve your small business or organization as your Virtual Chief Information Officer. As your vCIO we will manage and engineer custom solutions for your networking and computing needs.

TechServ from Solutions keeps you ONLINE.

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Service Package Tiers

Service Bronze Silver Gold
24x7 Desktop/Server Monitoring for Security Alerts

Application and Database Monitoring

Asset Inventory

Backup Monitoring

Drive Space Monitoring

Email Alerts to Customer Specified Personnel

Monitor for Manufacturer Identified Alerts and Pre-failure Indicators

Monitor the Network and Servers for Performance Issues

Network Services Monitoring

Microsoft Security Patch Management

Managed Antivirus and Antispyware††

Manage Active Directory Users

Firewall Management

Switch Management

Backup Software Management

Actively Manage and Fix Network Problems Proactively

Actively Fix Backups and Upgrade Software

Unlimited Phone and Email Support

Unlimited Remote Control Support

Quarterly Executive Report and Review

Monthly Network Summary Report

Asset Management

† : This table is for promotional purposes only. The content here should not be misconstrued as a contract or commitment to provide these services.

†† : Upgrades not included in the Silver Package

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