About Solutions

Solutions was incorporated on April 9, 1986 and commenced doing business on May 26, 1986. The company was formed by former employees of Computech Ltd., a corporation specializing in County Government Software. In 1986 Solutions began by supporting 24 counties with Software applications for the major offices. Since that time, Solutions now supports Software Applications for 45 Counties and several Municipal Government, and provides software and support services to various other industries.

We have established Solutions as one of the leading developers of new technology and services in our arena. We continue to push the boundaries of technology, developing exciting and innovative products for our clients. We have a culture of innovation where our employees can and do make a difference and are always looking for like-minded, dynamic individuals to come and join our team. For more information on careers and available positions with Solutions, visit our careers page!

Solutions continually strives to make our software easy to use and easy to operate. As the programs are modified to accommodate state law changes, new technology, and new processes, user meetings are held throughout the year to keep clients informed. Our user meetings and Software Schools of Instruction are designed to instruct new clients on how to use the software, refresh veteran clients on specific processes, and to inform all clients on changes and updates to our programs. In most cases, our software classes are given by an Application Support person and a Senior Software Developer.

Our Team is here to help you be successful. Learn more about the professionals behind the products you love!